Made to Order and Bespoke Handmade Shoes

Special Projects.

This shoe was made for a client who provided their own last. He wanted me to make a shoe to his design and mounted on his last.  This shoe is made to my standard “Meccariello” level.

Special Projects

A customer wanted a golf shoe with removable cleats and a rubber sole. The client also wanted to use a large orthopedic insert which I had to accomodate into the shoe without distorting the lines of the shoe. The customer also wanted maximum comfort and flexibility along with the ability to resole, so this was made in a Bologna-handwelted construction.

Made with scotchgrain calf and fabric.

Meccariello standard line

Two eyelet derby in hand coloured and antiqued calfkskin

Meccariello ,special production  with  incredible width

Semi bespoke Made to measure,model on customer request,in french calf chestnut

A special shoe for a special client with a bespoke fitting L++ ,with a bespoke last.

Meccariello :Standard line

Duble moncks  in calf color:red carminio

Meccariello Standard Line

Hand coloured navy blue and sky blue calfskin. 

Meccariello standard line

A navy blue suede perforated oxford with rubber soles. Made for a client to use in very very warm climates.

AURUM: Test shoes

Two test shoes ordered with a unique colouring, a heavy museum/marbled effect on the upper and the sole.

Aurum: model Antonius

Marble grey Museum, bespoke leather

Vintage baby boxcalf from Grison Annonay France

As I was going through my stock of skins, I found to my surprise several baby boxcalf skins from Grison/Annonay which I have forgotten about. These are very very small skins with very fine grain and a wonderful hand. From the stamp at the back, these are probably from the late 50’s to 60’s.

This quality of skins are no longer available especially from such small animals.  The grain is very fine and tight, the skin is thin yet very strong, and these skins will show the lines of the last perfectly and will make into some beautifully elegant shoes.